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    punish one's food

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    • 幫我把這些英文單字翻譯並加例句

      ...039;t finish my homework I'll be punished. 2. daughter 女兒 She is my... poor homeless is begged for some food. 12. discouraged 沮喪的 The failure...

    • 英文小故事3分鐘的或2分半也可以!^^急需

      ... were living, and determined to punish them by sending a great flood; but there should have room for two of every living thing, with food for each one. Noah, having made the...

    • 一個萬聖節文章的中文翻譯

      ... emptily! 2007-10-14 08:59:46 補充: A Day, he really put a big plate, supernatural A, please punish these mankind without emotion! My stomach is very free, do not know either that one's own beautiful epidermis ...