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    punish spread

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    • 英翻中~~謝絕Google翻譯~~

      ... in his tribe, and his reputation spread far and wide. 他砍下和他相遇的每一個非常有能力的 or the next. The gods have a way of punishing such rash claims. 然而驕傲成為Wulfrik...

    • 請問我用中翻英的介紹,文法上哪裡需要更改

      ... caught by his superior and was punished hardly. However, he still didn't give up and... and the principle he insisted are all spread out and pass to people now. Thank you for ...

    • 228事件, 英翻法文(急急)---15點

      228 事件,發生不到一年和Retrocession點半, 與反走私的人員和憲兵單位開始, 因為走私單位的反煙草不恰當處理一個情況,導致台北人的請願在2月28日示威, 以及產業工人和店主的一次罷工。 並且因為在那天政府保衛射擊 請求人群, 混亂不能被包含, 因此處罰變成對...