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    • Auditing - substantive testing

      (a) Outline any queries you would raise with the audit assistant. The account payable balance at 30 Jun 2007 is $158,000, a year-to-year decrease of 46% as compared to 30 Jun 2006 of $342,000. Why is there a 46% decrease of account payable? Any...

    • 會計調整英文題目題意

      4 Purchase inventory on credit term of 1/20 net /30,$6000 12/4以賒購方式(條件為20天付款有1...付款沒有折扣)購買一批存貨金額為6,000元 8 Returned half the inventory Purchased on 12/4. It was not the inventory ordered. 12/8把12/4購入...

    • 請問要求開立debit note 中翻英 mail

      ...production, after six-twenty fifths, a raw material inventory in inventory, import stock ledger reporting-as-finished quantity is 100, which in June, has your company purchased 60, the remaining 40 per cent in June, prior toSample expenditure...