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  1. push ahead

    • ph.
      繼續前進; 繼續做某事
    • 釋義


    • 1. 繼續前進; 繼續做某事 push ahead with one's plans 堅決按自己的計劃行事
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    • 英文分詞的問題~ 高手請解答

      The pilots had pushed ahead with their original flight plan, determined...01-31 14:30:51 補充: 本句的時態與had pushed與determined哪個早沒有關係. determined...

    • english問題~英文高手請進

      1. Those who attempt to push the world ahead must activate themselves first. 2. Those who intend to advance the...

    • 這三句中文翻成英文翻得對嗎??

      ...小浪花,但小浪花不想到前面去,因為它怕它會死。 The big wave spay pushes the small one, but the small one dose not want to go ahead for it's afraid to die. (afraid of death,dying也可以) 大浪花就告訴...