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    • 全民英檢中級的問題(急~馬上要)PART 2

      P.P是過去分辭 這兩題是考假設語氣的用法。 If S had (not) PP + S would(或could或should) (not) have PP. 例題1:I had a close call last night.I could have been hit by a truck, if my friend _________ me aside in time. 由第一句可看出是過去的事(last night),所以是考過去的假設語氣。因此第二句用could have been...

    • 請幫忙改錯!!英文作文

      ...positively when there are obstacles and troubles ahead of us and perhaps assist us in pushing them aside. They don't have to be at your side everyday. However, they always lend...

    • 請教一些高中文法和句型

      ... back. turn aside避開;轉過臉 (轉90度) If you turn aside, you turn your face away.3. thrust 用力推push sb. or sth. suddenly and strongly The nurse thrust the needle into the patient's arm. thrust in突然提出;不恰當地...