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    push one's way through

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    • 兩個英文片語意思?? (15點喔)

      ...nuclear programme. 政府正逐步取消核計畫. 2) edge up --- 由邊上慢慢靠攏; push one's way into (a space) 例句: Tommy's car slowly edged up the highway...

    • 英文 聽力 翻譯影片內容

      ...for planets in the solar system gravitate toward each other, we people also actively push and pull away from each other, forging fates along the way. Amongst them, for the ones who wish for true love more than...

    • 霸王別姬's english name??

      ...horror during the Cultural Revolution, when personal betrayal may be the one way to stay alive. Chen Kaige’s stately, volcanic epic was one of the first Mainland films...