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  1. put

    • IPA[pʊt]



    • vt.
      安置; 放;安裝
    • vi.
    • n.
    • 過去式:put 過去分詞:put 現在分詞:putting

    • 名詞複數:puts

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 安置; 放 to put sth. in/on/under/around sth. 把某物放到某物裡/上/下/周圍 he put his arm around her/her waist 他用胳膊摟著她/她的腰
    • 2. 安裝 to put a new lock on a door 給一扇門裝新鎖 to put a stamp on a letter 往信上貼郵票
    • 3. 使處於…狀態 the doctor put me on a diet 醫生讓我節食 my brother put me on the train 哥哥把我送上了火車
    • 4. 產生; 留下 to put a shine on sth. 使某物有光澤 to put a dent in sth. 在某物上弄出凹痕
    • 5. 給…評級 I put him among the great composers 我認為他是一位偉大的作曲家 to put sb./sth. before or above sb./sth. 把某人/某事物看得比某人/某事物重要
    • 6. 表達; 提出; 把某物翻譯成 as the poet puts it, ... 正像詩人所說的那樣,… to put it bluntly, ... 直截了當地說,…
    • 7. 塞; 讓某人經受 he put his hands into his pockets 他把手插進了衣袋 to put sth. through sth. 把某物塞進
    • 8. 投入 he put as much feeling into his voice as he could 他盡可能讓自己的聲音充滿感情 to put a lot of oneself into sth. 全身心投入某事
    • 9. to put ten pounds/a bet on a horse 在一匹馬上下10英鎊賭注/下賭注
    • 10. 確定; 認定 to put a price on sth. 為某物定價 I don't put any value on it or I put no value on it 我認為這個毫無價值
    • 11. 施加 commentators put some of the blame on Congress 評論家們把一部分過錯歸咎於國會
    • 12. 增加 to put sth. towards sth. 為某事湊錢 to put money towards a holiday 為休假攢錢
    • 13. 寫出; 畫出 to put one's signature to a document 在文件上簽名 I couldn't read what she had put 我看不懂她寫的字
    • 14. 提出…供考慮 to put sth. to sb./sth. 向某人/某機構提出某事 to put sth. to sb. 給某人說某事
    • 15. 估計 to put sth. at sth. 估計某物為某數值 I'd put its value at around £500 我估計它大約值500英鎊


    • 1. 進港 to put into port 駛入港口


    • 1. 推鉛球


    1. move to or place in a particular position

    2. express (a thought or comment) in a particular way

    3. cause (someone or something) to be subject to something

    4. estimate something to be (a particular amount)