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  1. put (or bring or carry) something into effect

    • ph.
      cause something to apply or become operative
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    • 單字stick、insert、influence的字意問題 object into something, you put the object inside it. (把東西...插入) Ex: insert a key into a lock 把鑰匙插入鎖中...插刊於報上 2. influence、effect、affect等都有「影響」的... power that someone or something has to affect people...

    • 幫我修改英文作文-關於population

      ...the environment to make air mair clean and fresh. When the above-mentioned could be put practice into something, I believe it shall be helpful to improve air pollution still. It's never too late to...

    • 修改英文作文,題目:是否同意再交通壅塞路段徵收稅

      ...face problems such as traffic jam or air pollution resulting from crown...may cause other problem and may have little effect on the original problem. The ...therefore the pollution still comes into existence in other places. ...