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    • 1. 使...參加(競賽) She's put herself in for the 100 metres and the long jump. 她參加了百米賽跑和跳遠。
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    • put in the work for 100該怎翻??

      students typically apply for four or five awards, but don't " put in the work for 100," he says. put in the work 是「花時間努力去做」 awards...

    • put in??put in??

      ... buyer has put in an offer. 買主已經正式提出購約。 I will put in some requests for you. 我會為你提出一些要求。 He put in some job applications...

    • 麻煩英文高手幫解答~~

      Put them in for me 是指謝謝每個人給他的聖誕祝福嗎? ...upon when this "Thank u to everyone who put them in for me." is said before or after...