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  1. put a foot wrong


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    • 1. 犯錯誤 He seems never to have put a foot wrong. 他似乎從不犯錯。
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    • 請幫我英翻中好嗎?粉急?感恩內,贈20點

      ... all is my simple autobiography, it maybe not good and some place will put a foot wrong, please don't mind, please. 以上是我的簡介,或許它寫的不是很好,也說不定有些...

    • My foot is asleep

      ...for it to mean there is something wrong in a kid's body. If you want to keep your feet awake and kicking, don't sit on them or put them in other positions...

    • 英文諺語 (急)

      ...這種人,不妨回對方:Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.(對禮物不要挑剔...出來反擊。 3. Don't get off on the wrong foot. 出師不利 4. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. 雞蛋...