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  1. put a newspaper to bed

    • ph.
      prepare a newspaper for press
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    • 請幫我潤飾這篇英文翻譯1

      ...差別也沒有 He read the newspapers, looked at his bank books, and went home to bed. 他閱讀報紙,然後看著他的 old, dark building in a lonely side street, where no one except...

    • 英文翻譯 20點

      1. 回收鐵鋁罐.玻璃瓶.紙類以及塑膠類可以改善環境 多年前,人們只丟垃圾而不做分類 這對環境是一種很大的傷害 現在,人們開始分類以減少垃圾量 他們將鐵鋁罐.玻璃瓶.紙類和塑膠類放在不同的容器中 等到裝滿了之後,他們將這些東西帶到一個特別的地方,在那裡...

    • 簡單英文麻煩幫翻譯!!

      ... stretches a lazy waist . Have... she goes to the bathroom 7.Wash... has put her bed in order 11.She...breakfast 13.Read the newspaper while drinking the...