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  1. put down

    • ph.
      stop holding something and place it on a surface or the ground;record something in writing
    • 釋義


    • 1. stop holding something and place it on a surface or the ground
    • 2. record something in writing
    • 3. make a recording of a piece of music
    • 4. suppress a rebellion, riot, or other disturbance by force
    • 5. enter someone's name on a list as wishing to do, join, or subscribe to something
    • 6. consider someone or something to be of a particular type or to have a particular cause
    • 7. pay a specified sum as a deposit
    • 8. kill an animal because it is sick, injured, or old
    • 9. criticize someone
    • 10. preserve or store food or wine for future use
    • 11. land an aircraft
    • 12. lay a baby down to sleep
  2. 知識+

    • Put it downPut down it 的差別

      put down 這個動詞片語, 加上受詞的情況如下 (1) 受詞是一般名詞時, 位置有2, 都可以 放在後面 put down the book (O) 放在中間 put the book down (O) (2) 受詞是代名詞...

    • put down four and carry ..怎麼解釋

      ...句英文,讀來不通順。我不知確切意思。我的推測: put down four and carry three eyes. 34 put down (drop, 棄) 4...放下4進3(34)隻眼睛 twice seventeen are thirty-four 和put down four and carry three都是算術用語

    • 【急】關於英文翻譯!〈英翻中〉

      這裡的put down相當於write down,是寫下的意思 整句翻譯是 : 寫下這個地址 e.g. Be sure to put down the address of the receiver clearly.   注意要把收信人的地址寫清 2007-06-30 16...