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  1. put down roots

    • ph.
      (of a plant) begin to draw nourishment from the soil through its roots
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      ... 洗耳恭聽 6.Save face.保全面子 7.tongue-tied張口結舌 8.put down roots 落地生根 9.get the ball rolling開始 10.under the weather today今天身體不舒服...

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      ... against the tide逆潮流而行 17. under the weather today今天身體不舒服 18. put down roots 落地生根 19. a bed of roses稱心如意的境遇 20. to burn the candle at both...

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      ... to the place above sprout flotation device, gets down the surrounding area columnar part to have the round... feeling which will germinate. 13. opens puts in the tea 14. puts in the hot boiling water...