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  1. put forward

    • ph.
      recommend someone as a suitable candidate for a job or position;submit a plan, proposal, or theory for consideration
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    • put forward 怎麼翻

      1. 提出 如: He put forward a very good suggestion at the meeting. 他在會上提出了一個很好的建議。 2. 把...向前撥 如: You ought to put your watch forward ten minutes. 你應該把錶朝前撥快十分鐘。

    • 關於postponed的用法?mary put forwar

      Mary put forward the proposal that the program ? until Tom came back from abroad. 瑪莉提出...

    • 這句英文省略了哪個連接詞

      The questions put forward at the meeting are of vital importance. 此會議中所提出的問題都極其...