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  1. put in

    • ph.
      插話; 插嘴;加進
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    • 1. 插話; 插嘴 But what about us? he put in. “可是我們怎麼辦呢?”他插嘴問道。
    • 2. 加進 Put in more water, will you? 再加些水, 好嗎?
    • 3. 提交; 提出 He put in a claim for $500 damages. 他提出一項五百美元賠償的要求。


    插話; 插嘴

  2. 知識+

    • put in??put in??

      ...who 不知是啥,this files 單複數錯誤) ...... put in the request to access this files ..... 提出要求使用...the contract. 買主在合約上插入一些額外條款。 He put in some words for his wife. 他插嘴幫他太太...

    • put in as

      put in 就是一個片語哦,是指「投入,投放」的意思。 put in as many hours 就是解作「花同樣那麼多的小時」,這句的意思所以是「同樣在家外工作的母親沒有花同樣那麼多的小時」。 希望幫到你。

    • put in the work for 100該怎翻??

      students typically apply for four or five awards, but don't " put in the work for 100," he says. put in the work 是「花時間努力去做...