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  1. put in

    • vt.
    • v refl
    • vi.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 加入
    • 2. 安裝
    • 3. 戴上; 鑲上; 放入
    • 4. 插入 to put in that ... 插話說…
    • 5. 提出 to put in an application for sth. 為某事物提交申請 to put in a claim for sth. 提出對某事物的要求
    • 6. 付出 to put in time/a lot of work doing sth. 花時間/費很大工夫做某事 he has put in an honest day's work 他辛苦工作了一整天
    • 7. 投入
    • 8. 擊出
    • 9. 插入 to put in a word for sb. 為某人說幾句話 ‘but what about us?’ he put in “那我們怎麼辦?”他插嘴問道
    • 10. 使…當選; 選舉…執政
    • 11. 推薦 to put sb. in for sth. 為某事推薦某人/某物 to be put in for promotion/a competition 被薦舉晉升/參加比賽
    • 12. 指派 you need to put a member of staff in as a caretaker 你需要派一名員工代管
    • 13. 讓…先擊球 to put sb. in to bat 讓某人先擊球

    v refl

    • 1. 報名申請 to put oneself in for 報名參加


    • 1. 申請 to put in for sth. 申請某事 are you going to put in for the post/six months' leave? 你要申請這個職位/半年休假嗎?
    • 2. 進港 the ship put in at Lagos for repairs 這艘船停靠在拉各斯港進行維修