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  1. put in at/into

    • ph.
      (of a ship) enter (a port or harbor)
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    • 想問個英文單字的介系詞用法?? amusement parks may put some nagging doubts into the minds of parents..., to take a fall at an amusement park. The...看來,at比較像是慣用語,atin比較起來是用在比較小的地點...

    • 何時使用in何時用into

      ...will not involve a movement, they include:at, in, on, beside, behind, under and above. ... is lying down into/from his bedroom (bad, "...that can govern it well, you just have to put your mind to feel it...

    • 英文片語造句

      ...immediately. Or it will turn into a big trouble! 11.put to use Time is money, so you must put it to use. the case of Learning ...can keep you from bad luck. 14.not at all=totally Mary does...