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  1. put it (or oneself) about

    • ph.
      engage in many casual sexual relationships
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    • 短篇英文作文,以日記式發揮

      The one thing I hate about in my life is the facade I put on everyday, and the facade i face daily. ...must be wondering what facade is, it is the mask everyone puts on whether...

    • It is about the quantum number

      ... decides the electron's revolving aspect. it has two types. one type is +1/2 and another ... don't learn the % ionic character. Other addition will put on the opinion column.

    • 請幫我檢查看看有沒有地方寫錯或需修改的(20點)

      ...for baking, and it takes about two to four minutes. Then...take out the toast and spread mayonnaise on it. * Then, take the toast out and...on one toast, and cover another toast, and put the cheese on second toast. ...