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  1. put it about

    • ph.
      engage in many casual sexual relationships
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    • 英文每日發問,put it into action.

      因為是plan 所以是一個計畫 也就是在腦子裡面的idea 將一個 plan 從還在腦袋裡面 變成一個動作 from idea to action 也就是去實施它嘛 所以我會翻譯成: 那我們什麼時候才能開始實施? excited 跟exciting 都是形容令人興奮的 但是一個是形容人「本身」的感覺 一個是形容一個...

    • 關於英文look into的用法問題。?

      這段話的主旨是談論有關攝影的基本構圖原則。 1.) Put it about one-third of the way into the picture , from any side. 主體或焦點放置於1/3...

    • It is about the quantum number

      ... decides the electron's revolving aspect. it has two types. one type is +1/2 and another ... don't learn the % ionic character. Other addition will put on the opinion column.