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  1. put off

    • vt.
      推遲;關; 斷
    • vi.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 推遲 she keeps on putting off going to the dentist 她一直拖著沒去看牙醫 the meeting has been put off until June/after Christmas 會議推遲至6月/聖誕節後召開
    • 2. 關; 斷
    • 3. 使反感 the very thought of eating snails puts me off! 一想到吃蝸牛我就噁心! to put sb. off sth./sb./off doing sth. 使某人討厭某事物/某人/做某事
    • 4. 讓…下車; 讓…下船
    • 5. 取消與…的會面 she put him off with a vague excuse/promise that ... 她含含糊糊地找了個藉口/用…的承諾把他打發掉了 to be easily put off 容易洩氣
    • 6. 干擾 to put sb. off sth. 擾亂某人做某事 any sudden noise will put him off his game 任何突然的聲響都會干擾他比賽


    • 1. 離港 to put off from the quay 離開碼頭