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  1. put on

    • ph.
      place a garment, piece of jewellery, etc. on part of one's body;cause a device to operate
    • 釋義


    • 1. place a garment, piece of jewellery, etc. on part of one's body
    • 2. cause a device to operate
    • 3. start cooking something
    • 4. start to play recorded music or video
    • 5. organize or present a play, exhibition, or event
    • 6. provide a public transport service
    • 7. increase in body weight by a specified amount
    • 8. add a specified amount to the cost of something
    • 9. (of batsmen) score a particular number of runs in a partnership
    • 10. assume a particular expression, accent, etc.
    • 11. behave deceptively
    • 12. bet a specified amount of money on the outcome of a future event, such as a race or game
    • 13. cause someone or something to be subject to something unwelcome or unpleasant
    • 14. assign a particular value, figure, or limit to something
    • 15. tease or playfully deceive someone
    • 16. give someone a phone so that they can talk to the person on the line
  2. 知識+

    • [翻譯] put...on hold ?

      ...延申。都講得清清楚楚,希望你能懂得這句話的意思。 ------------------------------------ put on hold的成語,是從電話的行為來的,在電話機上,有個按鍵[Hold],中文...

    • put on跟wear的用法

      ...衣著裝備 比方單純的一件襯衫,耳環甚至香水也可以用這個字。(從無到有) 2) Put on 指的是基本衣著裝輩之外,額外再添加上的衣裝。好比襯衫之外加件制服,你...

    • 何謂Put On A Happy Face?何謂Put on

      [何謂Put On A Happy Face? 何謂Put on a tab??] put on a happy face...的意思,put on a happy face 就上戴上一副快樂的臉,即是「裝出笑臉」。 put on a tab 先記帳 tab 是帳單。put on a tab 是在餐館、俱樂部等地方吃飯喝酒...