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    • put in??put in??

      (原句沒有頭尾又有錯。 who 不知是啥,this files 單複數錯誤) ...... put in the request to access this files ..... 提出...買主在合約上插入一些額外條款。 He put in some words for his wife. 他插嘴...

    • 能不能給我例句?

      ...the files on the case. He read all the files on the case. 可理解的 comprehensible Your statement...the pond. His house is by the pond 戴上 put on I put on my new dress. He put...

    • 請問這些單字如何用英文解釋?

      ...檔案 file - A file can be on the computer or on paper. A file represents information in a written form...池塘 pond - small lake, usually very small and shallow. 戴上 put on - wear it on. 購買 purchase - to buy 疼痛 ache...