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    • 幫我改一下句子 關於時式的 拜託 很急著要

      ... Mountain has a wonderful view, and it is agreat place for hiking, too. (用...,因為是已發生過的事) After that, we put on T-shirts, jeans, and sportsshoes...

    • 我這樣翻對嗎

      修一下 透過從全世界收集來超過100份的作品,其中40件更來自荷蘭阿姆斯特丹的梵古博物館。 這場展覽提供了一個不常有的機會,讓人們能夠觀賞平時因脆弱而很少展出的作品。

    • 管理學題庫2

      ... what is correct B. Putting preference on paper C. Choosing among ...completion (A ) What are the two views of managerial impact on the success or failure of the...