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    put one's back into it

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    • 請把我的文章My feeling中翻英(急)

      ...只要投入情感,做任何事情都會絕得很有趣的。 翻: I think that should put one's back into one's own emotion in doing every thing, Could make thing perfection further...

    • 幫我改一改(文章)拜託拜託

      ... and directly went into my home to accomplish...who had made it. Outside my house... astonished at one Man, who is seemingly...with my brother and he fed back a positive answer, "yes, it's him". Then...

    • 請問英文文法-過去式.謝謝.

      ...道理和第一題相同。 3. Answer: They think anything humans put into space should be built to come back to earth when its work is done. could 有假設的語氣,於語意不合。 "it's work...