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    • Hilary 的 The getaway中文翻譯

      ...進入我的心 Thinking you might slam the breaks again 想到你也許會再次撕裂這傷口 [chorus] 副歌 Put the pedal down 踩下油門 Heading out of town 衝出城鎮 Gotta make a getaway (getaway, getaway) 將要逃開...

    • 幫幫忙..請麻煩幫我翻一下中文......

      ... rode together deep into the hills. There they...是農夫的人集會. ‘We put ourselves in danger to bring you...這裡聚集. ‘You have come back and we ask ourselves, “...

    • Write a one-Paragraph Summary

      One man's extraordinary fight to save the family he loved during The Great Depression.