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    • 空英 10月份單字例句 前8號(前三課)......20點.

      ...good etiquette is a way of showing respect for others. put one's best foot forward全力以赴 If you want the job, you should put yourbest foot forward in your interview. grooming打扮.修飾外貌 If...

    • 請幫改英文文章(20點)

      ...t forget your manners. On the other hand, a well-written autobiography also matters. You should..., so next time when you've got an interview, be sure to put your best foot forward!

    • 對英文的文法有疑問.

      ... you soon to look forward to doing Sth是 carelessly, they are putting their lives in...現在分詞(因是現在進行式)。 6 Well,I`m hanging in...