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    put one's foot in it

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    • Body idoms 的典故由來

      ...thing? 你竟然在這個時間說這種話!到底什麼讓你這樣說? idiom: put your foot in it"說錯話" 來源: 跟Put one's foot in one's mouth意義相同 你能把你的脚放到你的嘴裡去嗎?就算能...

    • 英語俚語翻譯12題不太了解意思

      ...穿得都是名牌 2.feel ten feet tall 覺得自己很厲害 3.head over heels in love 完全沉浸在愛情裡...因為談戀愛) 暈頭轉向 6.put someone on a pedestal 把某人...喘息的空間 8.lay it on thick 誇張、拍馬屁 9...

    • 可以幫我翻譯英文歌詞嗎?

      ...join the race It's not my fight, just trying to stay on my feet But oh there's one thing that gets to me It's that little girl she puts me down so easily In total absurd I'm saying these ...