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  1. put one's foot into it

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    • 1. 說錯話或做出魯莽冒失的事 When John told Anna that she looked like a cock with her new hat, he really put his foot into it. 約翰告訴安娜她戴著新帽子看起來象只公雞時, 他真是說錯了話了。 Andy put his foot into it when he proposed to Margie whose fiance happened to be there too. 安迪向安娜求婚時, 她的未婚夫正巧也在場, 他真是太失禮了。
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      ...first part-time work was a restaurant waiter. It was rather tough since I was... totally different than that. I learn to put my feet into other's shoes in order to be more...

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      ...鞭子最後詞下落了, 外面然後閃動了長的鞭子, 完全地捲曲關於觸犯的生物' s 身體。卡門為它卡門被蜷縮了在雪, piteously 哭泣, 那麼被滾動了在在她的邊...