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    put one's hand to the plough

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    • 我想問一下一些英文的片語意思

      ...hand (另一方面):On the other hand, his points are... worked around-the-clock to complete the project. go head to head with... head-to-head with Google. put up with (忍受):The teacher could...

    • 她的手(單) 跟 她的手(複)怎麼翻英文?

      ...give 人 a hand」或 「give a hand to 人」是 "幫助某人" 的意思。 (2) 「give人a big hand」是 "給某人鼓掌" 的意思...一起拍,所以“鼓掌”又可以說成 “put one's hands together”;熱情...

    • 一題托福試題請教~

      ... (easily) won the chess match (with ease)" mean the same thing. "(to) hand something down" (there is no "s" to the end of the word) is a verb. "to hand down" means...