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    • 有幾個idioms, 請大家幫忙解釋

      1.ahead of one's time 思想或行為太過前衛 2.make a mark 通常有史上留名或在記憶中留下記號 the beaten path 有不走大路或走自己的路的意思 4.put one's name on the line 把自己的名譽賭上 5.bring...

    • 誰可以幫我翻成中文

      ...此外,Pixie並售馬克設計的玩具. One of Marks toy lines is called ...with other artists. Phalanx has put out toys designed by artists from...

    • My 2 cents 的正確意義?

      Yes, it means "my humble opinion." "put in one's two cents' worth" by Mark Israel This expression meaning "to contribute one's opinion...