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  1. put one's nose into

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      管閒事, 干涉
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    • 1. 管閒事, 干涉 I wish he'd stop putting his long nose into my affairs. 我真希望他停止干涉我的事務。 He is always putting his nose into other people's business. 他總是刺探別人業務的情形。


    管閒事, 干涉

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      ...under his nose在眼前;很近 ex:He put his cell phone right under his nose so that he couldn't miss it. 9.took the law into their(one's) own hands尋私...

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      ...換句話說。 I have to get going. (leave) 我必須要走(離開)了。 I'm sorry to put my nose into your business (to give advice you didn't ask for) 不經你同意就插管你的事(提供意見),真的很...

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      The elephant's long nose is high-spirited around the world have ...swallow up the plants troubles are put into the big magnanimousHawks led us to fly...