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  1. set (or put) one's seal to (or on)

    • ph.
      mark with one's distinctive character
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    • ph.
      mark with one's distinctive character

    Oxford Dictionary

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      ... weren’t really dead. The funeral will bring it home to me, put an official seal on it, so to speak. from: Albert Camus THE STRANGER...

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      ... in your home by sealing . your windows and..... Install a screen on the outside of your dryer... hiding spots by putting eucalyptus leaves . or hedge...

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      1.雜誌改變 所有的這些使用相同的技術被做- 雜誌改變。 它如此簡單-見到什麼事物你能在你的家的周圍修補。 僅僅確定你從首先擁有事情問許可。 為你正在訴諸於改變的事物挑選主題。 史蒂芬選擇到改變一個盧牌戲座位的一個魚主題。 藉由切出來自雜誌的許多像魚一樣的照片開始...