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  1. put one's shirt on

    • ph.
      bet all one has on; be sure of
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    • put on / have on / wear 的不同

      ...sonething on: clothe oneself with (穿上) e.g. I put on the new dress for the party. (我穿上新裙子去參加舞會...something (穿著) e.g. She has a red T-shirt on. (她穿著一件紅色的T恤)

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      ...4.Mr. Smith is not only a good teacher but also an e_____ on international trade.(expert) 5.One's health a______ one's life.(affects) 6.I p_____ staying home to...

    • 檢查英文句子

      ... younger sister likes to put lots of make-ups on when she goes out. (make-ups 這裡解釋為... said that Calvin's plad shirt was too tight and didn't look good...