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  1. put one over on

    • deceive (someone) into accepting something false
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    • deceive (someone) into accepting something false

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      ... two halves. She turned over on her stomach on the other side of the bed.(床...某動作是朝著某個「方向」去) 6. If you put something to one side or put it on one side, you temporarily ignore it in...

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      ...您的救生衣放置在您座位下方,在扶手下或者, 依指示放置 otherwise.除此之外 Put it on by first placing the vest over your head. 先把救生衣從頭穿過開始穿戴 Secure it by ...

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      ...排排站.為的就是希望得到羅馬教皇的個別祝福 One local man has put on his best suit and he's sure... walking by he leans over and says something to the bum and 教皇走向...