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  1. put oneself out

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    • 1. 【口】雖對自己不便而仍做某事 Please don't put yourself out on our account. 請你不要為了我們而難為你自己。 She's always ready to put herself out to help others. 她總是樂於捨己助人。
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    • 請幫忙找一下英文動詞片語造句

      ...she put on her hat and left the room. 他戴上帽子離開房間 3. Don't put yourself out. 別自尋煩惱. 4. Are you trying to put upon me? 你想要欺騙...

    • 這段含pun的笑點在哪?

      ...strong enough. That is why "put you out on a limb" or "go out on a limb" means "put oneself at risk". "being a sap" means "being stupid...

    • friends六人行部分內容的用語翻譯

      ...的...冷~~) soak up all the culture 吸收融會所有的文化 (又是Rose說的吧..) put one's name down 算我一筆 freal out somebody should be : "freak" out somebody 嚇死人~~ secluded 與世隔絕...