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  1. put out


    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 伸出 It's dangerous to put out your hand now. 現在你把手伸出去是危險的。
    • 2. 熄滅 Put out the fire before going to bed. 睡覺之前先熄掉爐火。
    • 3. 出版
    • 4. 使不方便,打擾 Her parents felt put out when she brought some classmates to stay over. 她帶一些同學回家過夜,她父母覺得不方便。 We felt put out by the guest's incessant requests. 客人不斷的要求令我們覺得受打擾。
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    • put out 的各種意思??

      put 真的是一個很好用的字,既使只談put out用法都一堆. 先只看這句中put sth out的用法,有...另外也可用於滅火,熄菸,關燈. Put the fire out. Put the cigarette out. Put the lights out...

    • over the road 意思? put ...out?

      ...跨過...、在...另一邊」之意。 over the road 就是「跨過馬路、在馬路對面」。 Put ... out:把...擺放出來。 2012-10-22 10:24:46 補充: put something out 2 to place something...

    • 英文put out the fire or fires

      希望可以幫到您 Fire : 火災[可數][不可數] A fire : 一場火災 many fires : 多場火災 A forest fire left hundreds of people homeless. 一場森林大火使數百人無家可歸。 It was the largest of the many fires in...