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  1. put sb. in

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    • 1. 指派某人擔任職務(如在辦公樓內) put in a caretaker, a security man, etc. 指派管理員、保安員等
    • 2. 選舉(某政黨)執掌政權 The electorate put the Tories in with an increased majority in 1983. 1983年保守黨以多數選票當選執政。
    • 3. (指板球戲於擲錢幣中獲勝的隊)請(對方)首先擊球 Australia won the toss and put England in (to bat). 澳大利亞隊於擲幣中獲勝, 要求英格蘭隊首先擊球。
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    • put sb in the shoes of...

      put in the shoes of sb. = 站在某人的立場想 put themselves in the shoes of the victims who are suffering as a result of the disaster. = 他們自己站在受災者的立場想 希望對你有幫助。^_^

    • put 某人 away,有讓某人生氣的意思嗎?

      ...dictionary/british/put-sb-away?q=put+sb+away#put-sb-away__2 put sb away • informal to move someone into a place where people live...together, such as a mental hospital or old people's home In the past, people who suffered from schizophrenia ...

    • 這句英文怎麼翻比較好?

      不要(對我)栽贓嫁禍! 【put words in(to) sb's mouth】栽贓嫁禍;無中生有 You're putting words in ...