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  1. put sb. out

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    • 1. 使某人失去知覺(予以打擊、使用麻醉劑等) He put his opponent out in the fifth round. 他在第五個回合中將對手擊昏。
    • 2. 使某人感到不便 I hope our arriving late didn't put them out. 我希望我們遲到一事不致給他們帶來麻煩。
    • 3. 使某人不安; 得罪某人 She was most put out by his rudeness. 她非常厭惡他行為粗魯。 He looked rather put out. 他看來不太高興。
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    • 麻煩英文達人幫我解答以下英翻中或中翻英(請勿使用翻譯機) one’s heart out =讓人心動不已 in sb’s pocket =有如囊中取物 3.put one’s cards...對方攤牌,但是英文的 putting one's cards... one's heart out 大概可以更貼切的翻譯為...

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      ...on weight增重 put it across/over sb.責備某人 put off拖延 put on穿上、戴上 put out熄滅 put together裝配 put up建造...s mind下定決心 run across/into sb(sth)不期而遇 run away逃跑 run errends跑腿 run out of用完 run over輾過 run up to...

    • 幫忙找動詞片語造句

      ...的桃挑了出來。 2. 分辨出 pick out sb/sb's face in a crowd 在人群中認出某人... was just possible to pick out the hut on the side of the mountain. 那... picked up the child and put her on his shoulders...