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  1. put sb. up

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    • 1. 向某人提供食宿 We can put you up for the night. 我們可以招待你過夜。
    • 2. 提名某人為候選人 The Green Party hopes to put up a number of candidates in the General Election. 綠黨希望提出若干候選人參加大選。 To join the club you have to be put up by an existing member. 要加入俱樂部必須有一位會員做介紹人。
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    • 請幫忙翻譯 put up through

      1.put up=供給,給予 put sth. up to sb. 向某人建議某事 把電話接過來應沒有加up put it through就行 2.After you您先請!(禮讓語) 3.The water come to boil 好像應是The water come to the boil吧 水開始滾了 :P

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