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    • 請問怎樣英翻中才好呢?請幫忙.謝謝!”急”

      ... of the stove full of simmering pots and pans. The kids also get up on the counters when no one is...extremely dangerous.Please help me put a stop to this had idea. Or...

    • [Man Growing Medical Marijuana

      版主您好, (1) put his foot in the middle of that wheel 「他的腳伸入輪子中。」這是一個比喻。 Wheel 是形容一個系統的運作。運作時,輪子在轉。如果有東西介入,就可能打斷此運作。 (2) character witness...

    • 英文好的快來幫我!!!

      ... or roasting Ex. Just put the frozen pizza into the microwave oven for five minutes, and you’ll enjoy a meal. 16. kettle:a metal pot for stewing or boiling;the quantity a kettle...