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  1. put someone about

    • ph.
      upset or trouble someone
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    • 有人幫我看看這些片語的意思嗎?拜託啦

      1.put up = build (建立/搭建)一(件/個)事或物...擔心/苦惱/悲哀) 3.borrow + something + from + (someone/something) 從某(人/事/物)所借來的一些東西(something) V. + mad about + (someone/something) 對一(人/事/物件)生氣...

    • 這些句子的意思 這些是俚語

      ...element 處於適宜的環境, 如魚得水 be concerned about someone or something 關心擔憂某事/某人 lay something out...pass out 昏倒,失去知覺 why in the world? 就竟爲何? put two an two together 根據現有情況推斷 be out of the ...

    • about flight attendant

      ...with a constantly changing roster. 5. This puts a severe strain on family and loved ones. 6... and occasional burns from hauling about trolley's and bins in galleys and ...