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  1. put someone away

    • ph.
      confine someone in a prison or psychiatric hospital
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    • put away更專業的英文用法

      ... usually kept 收拾 synonyms: clear away, keep, put back, store away 2) to save money 储蓄 synonyms: put aside, save, save up, set aside 3) to put someone in a prison or in a mental hospital 押入牢房;关进精神病院 4) to eat or drink a...

    • put 某人 away,有讓某人生氣的意思嗎?

      ...home In the past, people who suffered from schizophrenia were often put away.• slang to send someone to prison After what he did, he deserves to be put away for...

    • 請問”幹掉”某人的英文怎麼說

      ...away --- Most of the criminals in prison are in there because the put someone away. 監獄裡大多數的犯人都是因為殺人而入獄。 rub out --- The man...