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  1. put someone down for

    • ph.
      enter someone's name on a list as wishing to do, join, or subscribe to (something)
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    • 英文先後如何順序排列?

      ...2.Lift the handset. 3.Insert the phone card. 5.Then listen for the dial tone. 8.Now punch in the phone number. 1.Wait 7.Speak when someone answers. 6.Put down the handset. 4.Finally,don't forget to take back the phone card!

    • 可以幫我翻譯成英文嗎? 想快點知道..謝謝

      ...放下你的心 那 Put your heart down. 如果要加上為了某人 I put down my heart for someone. "我為了某人放下我的心" I put down my heart for you. "...

    • 創作英文故事..幫幫忙 Why was I late for work? Actually, I do not...the garage was broken down or ran out of machine oil because...of 5. cut off 6. find out 7. let someone down 2007-08-04 16:07:42 補充: 抱歉...