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  1. put someone up to

    • ph.
      encourage someone to do (something wrong or unwise);inform someone about (something)
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    • ph.
      encourage someone to do (something wrong or unwise)

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • put away更專業的英文用法

      ...keep, put back, store away 2) to save money 储蓄 synonyms: put aside, save, save up, set aside 3) to put someone in a prison or in a mental hospital 押入牢房;关进精神病院 4) to eat or drink a...

    • 有人幫我看看這些片語的意思嗎?拜託啦

      1.put up = build (建立/搭建)一(件/個)事或物 2.woe + something + to + N 對某一件事感到(擔心/苦惱/悲哀) 3.borrow + something + from + (someone/something) 從某(人/事/物)所借來的一些東西(something) V. + mad about...

    • 英文動詞問題 一個句子不是不能有兩個動詞?

      If you feed someone up, you encourage them to eat extra food so that they put on weight. She is too thin. Feed her up a bit. 這面...