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  1. put something across

    • ph.
      communicate something effectively
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    • 創作英文故事..幫幫忙

      這是我自己打的,框起來是引用到你要的片語: I was fired yesterday because it was the third time I was late for work, 我昨天被炒魷魚了,因為我第三次工作遲到 and it was really (let my boss down) and pissed him off...

    • 幫我翻譯成中文~~~~~雯雯感激不盡

      ...切碎" 在一個房間裡的能量。 Don't sit across from a sharp corner. 不要在一個鋒利的角落的正對面坐... a kitchen, where a sink is next to a stove, put something wooden between them. 它一間廚房,一個洗滌槽...

    • 請問我合併後的句子哪裡要修正?

      ... sight of Robert who was dashing across the street,and then a car which failed to yield to ...that Robert was not seriously hurt and then they put Robert in the ambulance and immediately they drove...