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  1. put something aside

    • ph.
      save money for future use;forget or disregard something, typically a feeling or a past difference
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    • ph.
      save money for future use

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 請問這篇英文短文的意思??

      ...的悲觀及懶散揚棄到什麼地步, 也要看你能否克服自己想遠離人群的傾向. * to put something aside: 將某事擱置; 將某事棄置不理 *inherent: adj, 與生俱來的; 固有的; *to distance...

    • 請問英文「renewing」與其他字的差別? move the start (not the ending) for an event. To delay is to put something aside and its time line forward into the future. To defer is to move the...

    • put away更專業的英文用法

      put away (phrasal verb) 1) to put something in the place where it is usually kept 收拾 synonyms: clear away, keep, put back, store away 2) to save money 储蓄 synonyms: put aside, save, save up, set aside 3) to put someone in...