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  1. put something up

    • construct or erect something;raise one's hand to signal that one wishes to answer or ask a question
    • 釋義
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    • 1. construct or erect something
    • 2. raise one's hand to signal that one wishes to answer or ask a question
    • 3. display a notice, sign, or poster
    • 4. present a proposal, theory, or argument for discussion or consideration
    • 5. increase the cost of something
    • 6. provide money as backing for an enterprise
    • 7. offer or show a particular degree of resistance, effort, or skill in a fight or competitive situation
    • 8. offer something for sale or auction
    • 9. cause game to rise from cover
    • 10. return a sword to its sheath
    • pawn something

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    • construct or erect something

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