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    put sth right

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    • 以下單字有何差別?

      ...上的) 例: 1. I'd like to put a business proposition to you. (我想向您...rarr; [C,U] proposal (for sth) / proposal (to do sth) / proposal (that... that the time was right for the proposal of new terms for...

    • to與for的用法

      ...the results to youSb put (pose) a question to youSb ...涉及某人事物對你提供服務,常用此) -Sth is sufficient (terrible; awful; difficult; easy; good; better; right; fine; positive; suitable;comfortable; cold...

    • 英文造句<20點>

      1. President Georege W.Bush makes a statement about his policy of China-Taiwan's relationship. 2. My parents have a great influence on the choosing of my career. 3. Jay Chou...