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  1. put sth. away

    • ph.
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    • 1. (使用完畢)將某物收起(或放入箱子、抽屜等中) Put your toys away in the cupboard, when you've finished playing. 你把玩具玩兒完了以後放進櫃子裡去。 I'm just going to put the car away. 我正要把車開進車庫裡去。
    • 2. 存(錢)以備他日之需 She's got a few thousand pounds put away for her retirement. 她已存了幾千鎊以備退休之用。
    • 3. 【口】吃, 喝(大量食物或飲料) He must have put away half a bottle of whisky last night. 昨晚他大概喝了半瓶威士忌酒。 I don't know how he manages to put it all away! 我真不知道他怎麼吃得這樣多!