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  1. put sth. back

    • ph.
      把某物放回原處; 放回某物;把(鐘錶指針)倒撥(校準)
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 把某物放回原處; 放回某物 Please put the dictionary back on the shelf when you've finished with it. 詞典用完後請放回到書架上。
    • 2. 把(鐘錶指針)倒撥(校準) My watch is fast; it needs putting back five minutes. 我的錶快了, 需要撥回五分鐘。
    • 3. 使某事延期或延遲; 推遲某事 This afternoon's meeting has been put back to next week. 今天下午的會議已延至下星期舉行。
    • 4. 使某事延誤 The lorry drivers' strike has put back our deliveries by over a month. 因卡車司機罷工, 我們的交貨日期延誤了一個多月。
    • 5. 【口】(大量地)喝(酒) By midnight he had put back nearly two bottles of wine. 到半夜時分他已喝了近兩瓶酒。


    把某物放回原處; 放回某物